Dental implants are one of the greatest advancements in dental health and cosmetic dentistry. Our Brandon dentists can use dental implants to replace your missing teeth via titanium screws that are surgically anchored into the jaw. It is a procedure that allows our dentists to replace missing teeth and restore your smile, while improving your quality of life and reducing bone loss in the jaw.

The use of dental implants is very diverse.  They can be used to replace and restore a single tooth, a span of multiple teeth that act as bridge anchors, or can be used to stabilize and anchor complete or partial removable dentures. Once completed, your dental implant will look and function much like a normal tooth, requiring brushing and flossing to maintain your oral health and the life of your artificial tooth.

Talk with your Brandon dentist at Town Centre Dental about whether you are an implant candidate. You must be in good health and have the proper bone structure and healthy gums for the implant to stay in place.

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